Each year more and more people from all around the world travel to Split, Croatia and decide to stay for 7 days. The reason for this is that people have discovered that Split has a lot to offer, and not just the city, but its surrounding area.

We have created a list of places you can visit while staying in Split for 7 days. There is so much to see and so much to explore. You can definitely skip some of these and insert your own desired place to visit in the itinerary, but we believe that this is a good list from a local's perspective.

7 days in Split – Amazing itinerary

Below is the list of activities to do and places to visit. It is our recommendation on how to truly experience the Dalmatian life in 7 days.

Day 1 – Go explore Old town

When we say old town, we mean the city center, where the main attractions are. Once you arrive to Split, you have to walk through the main promenade called Riva. It is the main street that people like to go to on a nice summer evening.

From Riva, you can go in many directions. You can go east to the Green market and explore it a bit. You can go west and walk along the seaside, find the staircase that lead to Marjan hill, or just keep walking to Zvončac park.

You can also go deep into the old town and go inside the walls of Diocletian's palace. There is a lot of restaurants and bars in the city center. You can look around and see what the offer is for food and drinks in Split. Pick the one you like and try something new.

Day 2 – Choose a beach and spend the day chilling

There are a lot of nice beaches in Split and you should go to the beach for sure! It is best to go during summer months, in June, July or August. However, the sea is already a pleasant temperature and you can even go in May or September.

We have an article that explains all about the best beaches in Split that you can check before you go.

Day 3 – Go to Krka waterfalls

Krka waterfalls are amazing. They are very popular among tourists and locals. People love to go there, especially during summer, since you are allowed to swim.

Some people also like to go to Plitvice lakes, but they are a bit far so we usually recommend Krka waterfalls. You can read all about it in our article that talks about both Plitvice and Krka waterfalls to learn more.

Day 4 – Visit Hvar and Blue cave

This is another day trip that we would highly recommend. These two locations usually go together, if you are just visiting from Split.

You can for sure go to Hvar and stay for a couple of days on this beautiful island, but if you want the highlights, you can just go on a day trip that includes Hvar and some other fun islands, like Biševo island near Vis, where the Blue cave is.

This tour is very popular and you can easily buy a ticket from any seller in Split, or from the reception of your hotel. Most of them are pretty similar.

Day 5 – Go to Brač and visit Zlatni rat beach

Ah yes, Brač island. This lovely island covered with green forests and relaxing sounds of birds is amazing to visit during summer. You can go there by yourself and just enjoy the nature and the endless beaches.

If you take the ferry, it will take you to a place called Supetar. It is a 45-minute ride and the ferry goes pretty frequently.

In case you wish to visit Bol, the place where the beautiful and most popular beach Zlatni rat is (Golden horn), you should take a speed boat. Bol is located on the south side of the island so you would have to take a bus or a taxi from Supetar to get there, or a speed boat.

Keep in mind that the speed boat has a special timetable and it goes only a couple of times a day. Make sure to get informed before you go.

Day 6 – Visit Trogir and Slatine beach

Trogir is such a nice little medieval town, even older than Split. It has a rich history and unique look to it. You can reach it by car or by bus and it takes no more than 40 minutes.

It is connected to the Čiovo island where the Slatine beach is. This is a very nice beach that most people actually visit by a boat that departs from Split. You can find all the information about how to get to Slatine beach and Trogir on the Buraline website.

Day 7 – Walking tour of Split and Diocletian's palace

We saved this for the last day, but of course, you can always do things in a different order. To experience Split, it would maybe be best that your last day here ends with a tour through the old town, so you can keep your memories in your heart as much as possible.

It is worthwhile to go on a walking tour of Split and the Diocletian's palace and truly understand the way people used to live and how they live today.

The architecture of the city center is also amazing and is 17 centuries old. Diocletian's Palace is actually placed on UNESCO'S list of world heritage sights. Other than that, it was one of the venues where a popular Game of Thrones series was filmed. 

Where should I stay in Croatia for a week?

We recommend to stay in Split while visiting Croatia. Our 7 days itinerary really explains why. In case you wish to stay in Split, take a look at Royal suites or Royal suites Sky - both are located on the ideal part of the city center, where old town is close, but Bačvice beach as well.

However, Croatia has a lot of beautiful regions, such as Istria or even continental parts. Also, let's not forget Dubrovnik.

Is Split or Dubrovnik better?

We would never tell Split is better than Dubrovnik, or vice versa. We love Split and always want to welcome guests here. However, Dubrovnik is also amazing, it is a very popular city and it also has some nice places nearby to go on a day trip to.

How can I see Croatia in a week?

We would argue that it is quite difficult to see Croatia in one week. If you really wanted to, we suggest that you land in Dubrovnik, spend a day there and rent a car. Drive to Split and make a stop on any beach at the Makarska riviera.

Once you arrive to Split, spend a few days there so you can visit Hvar or Brač.

After Split, continue to Krka waterfalls and make a stop at Zadar. There is a beautiful promenade with a unique installation called Sea organ.

Continue to Rijeka, to visit a little city nearby called Opatija or just go directly to Zagreb.

This is a very rough itinerary, but you get the picture. It is doable, but could be very tiring. Perhaps it is better to choose a region and explore it properly.

What is the best month to go to Croatia?

If you wish to explore the beautiful Croatia but still enjoy some of the best beaches ever, summer is definitely the right time to visit. July or August is just great.

However, if you wish to see it all and still manage to have a swim in the Adriatic sea, perhaps September is a good choice. The sea is still warm, the crowds are getting smaller and the prices are a bit lower.

May is also amazing, but we tend to recommend it with caution, since it can get a bit rainy and unpredictable.