Split is a very unique Dalmatian city that grows more popular each year. Still, there is a lot of amazing places to visit on the Adriatic coast. Therefore, in case you have only a short amount of time, we have prepared a useful itinerary on how to spend 2 days in Split.

There are many ways to go about doing this, you can just explore the old town and then go lay on the beach the rest of the day, but you can also use our suggestions to experience as much of this city as locals would like you to.

For 2 days in Split, we would definitely recommend that you book your accommodation in Split in the city center, so that everything is very close and easy to access by foot.

Day one | Spend 2 days in Split

Go to Žbirac café

    No matter if you go directly there or you first walk through the old town or Riva to get there, it is the first stop for sure. This nice coffee place is located at the famous Bačvice sandy beach and the view is amazing.

    Some people are in the water, some are chilling at the beach and others are reading a summer book. All you have to do is order a cup of coffee or you preferred drink and just enjoy the atmosphere. You can even smell the sand and salty sea while you’re there. 

    Hopefully you brought your swimsuit with you, since you have to try the water as well. It is very shallow in the beginning, so it is warm and nice. If you want to do some swimming, freshen up from a hot sun, go a bit further or start from the sides of the beach, where the water is a bit deeper.

    Go to Riva promenade and try some local food

      After you’ve enjoyed Bačvice beach, walk through Riva promenade and enter the streets of Diocletian’s palace form any side you want. Maybe try and go through the Bronze gate, the so called basements (Podrumi) that lead to Peristil.

      Walk around and find a restaurant you would like the most (use TripAdvisor for good reviews and prices) and find a good restaurant. Try seafood or meat, it’s all good. You can find out about best food to try in Split Croatia on the blog.

      Now is a good time to go back to your hotel to rest a bit, especially if it’s summer. This is why it is good to stay in the city center.

      Climb to Vidilica viewpoint

        In the evening you must climb to Vidilica and enjoy the view. It is a viewpoint of the entire city and the harbor. It’s a real postcard view over there. It is also a good place to take photos for memories. You can enjoy some amazing sunsets over there.

        After vidilica you can walk a bit more, up the Marjan hill or just go back down.

        Go to a pub in the old town

          Now that the night time has come, you can finish the day by walking through the old town during the evening and find a good pub to try some craft beer or any type of drink of your choice. On every corner you can find some street food and try what seems good to you.

          If not, you can also find some wine and cheese bars to end the day with, some cakes or nice ice-cream at Luka's or whatever you find interesting.

          Day two | Spend 2 days in Split

          Morning stroll to Riva promenade

            It’s morning, and you are ready for your second and last day in Split. Go to a nearby bakery and pick up some warm croissants or any other goodies that you would like. Krafne, fritule, piroške, burek… whatever you’d like.

            Go to Riva again and sit anywhere for a cup of coffee or tea. Locals love to do this when they have a free morning, like Saturdays, and just soak up the view of the sea and floating boats, with seagulls flying around. The chill atmosphere is very nice. People are walking and you are present: enjoying little moments in Split, Croatia.

            Walking tour of Diocletian’s palace

              Split has a 17 centuries old and rich history. We would argue that even those not so fond of history would love to do the walking tour of old town. The reason for this is that those tours are very informational and can give you the idea of life in Split.

              The stories are also very entertaining and unique.

              With the walking tour, you are able to truly discover corners of this amazing palace that you otherwise couldn’t. You could also enjoy the beautiful architecture and really get to know the city.

              Have lunch. Rest.

              Zvončac and Sustipan

                In the evening you can go for a walk to the west coast of the city center and end up at Zvončac. This is a lovely park where a lot of people go with kids or with their dogs. People in Split like to by some ice cream go for a walk to Zvončac and back.

                To visit even more places, continue to find Sustipan. It is a cliff near the park, where a nice little gazebo is. There is also a little church that locals love to get married in.

                The view from Sustipan is beautiful. You can see the entire old town or just enjoy the view of endless sea and islands across Split.

                You can stay at the park and rest or you can continue walking to the nearest beach or a bit further to get to Ježinac beach. Enjoy one last swim or come back to old town. Read about the best beaches in Split - Ježinac beach is on the list!

                Peristil square in the evening

                  If you have been on a walking tour, you know how beautiful the Peristil square is. Go back from Zvončac and straight to Peristil.

                  During summer, every night at café bar Lvxor you can listen to some live music. They usually book artists that play piano or guitar, who sing popular songs that you can listen to and have some wine while sitting surrounded by the astonishing architecture of the palace.

                  Notice how we mention wine a lot - it is because it's the experience of Dalmatia - amazing place, good food and some nice wine with friends or family. What more do you need?

                  With this last suggestion you can say that you have experienced Split like us locals would love you to. There is a lot more to Split, of course, but this might just be enough for you to wish to come back :)