The rule of thumb in Split is that you first go to a pub and have a few drinks with your friends. After that you can all go home if 1 AM is late enough and you'd like to go to sleep. Another option is to continue the party and go to a place where more dancing is involved.

Is Split good for nightlife?

Split is amazing for nightlife. Locals love their nightlife and socialising during the weekend. During summer time, everybody likes to socialise as much as possible. You are able to go on a pub crawl from Monday to Sunday, there is no rest day.

Yes, a lot of tourists visit Split and nightlife is pretty active, but trust when we say that locals love to have fun too.

A lot of pubs and bars we are going to list below are limited in space, so make sure you don't go very last minute if you would like to get a table. The good thing is, most people stand on their feet and socialise or even stay outside around the entrance and hang out. This is very typical in Split.

Also, Ultra Europe festival is held in Split, every year in July. This is an on going project and is happening for 6 years in a row now. 

What can you do in Split at night?

A typical evening in Split is going to a pub or a cafe-bar for some drinks with friends. Usually everybody likes to go to old town. After that, everybody moves to a more active place, to dance and have fun until morning.

People usually enjoy a good drink, be it a fine wine, craft beer or a cocktail. Doesn't matter. People chat and meet new people, or just go dancing. There are places that you can go and play some billiards, table soccer or darts.

Another fun activity is hanging out at the beach with friends, somebody playing the guitar, somebody going to a night swim.

Summer in Split is very fun, chill and just a good time!

Is Split a party town?

Split is definitely a party town. Locals love to party every weekend, and not just during summer months. Split has a very active nightlife and the mentality of locals is pretty much: work during the week, unwind during the week-end.

You can find a lot of your people going out, but also people in their 40s, even 50s in some places. Everybody likes to have fun.

Just keep in mind that most people living in Split go out to party after 11 PM. Nobody shows up early. 

You go to the beach in the afternoon and enjoy the beach activities until 8 PM. After that you go home to eat something and to get ready for a night out. This is why very few locals go out before 11 PM. It's a common occurrence.

Best pubs and bars in Split to go out

There are hundreds of cafes and bars in Split where you can enjoy a cup of coffee during the day, or have a tasty cocktail in the evening. We will mention some of them below, but the list goes on and on. Besides the ones that we mention, good ones are also the following: Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar, Jazzbina, Figa, Moon, St Riva and many more.

Fabrique Pub - this pub is very popular during summer. It is located at the end of Riva, on the west side, next to st. Francis church. A lot of tourists love to go there because it's a great location and it is a good pub where you can drink but also eat some nice food. The menu is limited, and you don't have to eat when you are there, it is just a good option to have. 

The only thing is that it is a bit pricey compared to some other places, but very fun, with great music.

To je To Bar - this cafe-bar is a place where a lot of tourist love to go and meet new people, but a very loved place by locals. It is located outside of the city center, but very convenient location if you want to go down to Bačvice beach to party, after a couple of craft beers. This bar has a wide selection of amazing beer!

Charlie's Bar - the "it" place for backpackers. This bar started to be the meeting point for a lot of backpackers and you mostly hear english language when you enter.

Now, a lot of locals that love to meet new people are going to show up as well. It is located in the old town.

Sanctuary Bar - another great place to meet new people in old town, both locals and tourists. This place is amazing for it's cocktails and special prices for selected drinks. They offer "happy hour" drinks that are very delicious and affordable. 

Cocktail Bar GAGA - located in the old town, this place is great as a prep for after-hours partying and dancing. It is a place where people go for a drink and to hang our, but tables are outside and there are lights everywhere, the music is loud and the atmosphere is intense. People often go here before they move to an actual discoteque. 

Lvxor Café & Restaurant - a more chill place, located at the Peristil square. This is a restaurant actually, but every evening during summer, you can enjoy a nice cold drink and sit outside on the walls of the square to listen to some music. The bar pays local musicians each night to play some music, usually a piano or a classic guitar.

inBox Bar - this bar is located at the end of Riva, but on the east side, next to Green market. This bar is actually the craziest during summer. Everything is happening out on the open, there is a little stage and a DJ is playing loud music that people love to dance to. It is a great location and mostly tourists love to go there. You can go there for partying only during summer.

Best nightlife places to go out dancing and partying

Central the Club - this is a true nightclub located in the city center. It is called Central, because it was a movie theater before, one of the oldest in the city.

They turned it into an amazing nightclub but kept the name. You can dance to the mainstream music there and experience a full on party. That is the only nightclub "discotheque" in the city center.

Vanilla Club- this club is located near the city center. You can walk to it for about 20 minutes, or you can take a taxi and get there in 5 minutes, especially if you are wearing high heels :)

This is a place that is open all year round and locals and tourist love to go there for a true night out. The music is comercial, so that all kinds of people can go there and have some fun.

Caffe-Club Bačvice - as its name suggests, Bačvice club is located right next to the Bačvice beach. This place is ideal if you want to go out and dance, but also want to go on a night swim! The water is shallow at Bačvice beach anyways, so it would be just another fun activity.

A lot of tourists go here during summer and the place is very crowded with people dancing, usually younger people from age 18 to 26.

Night Club & Beach Bar Zenta - this is a very loved place by locals. It is open for decades. It has changed the owner and the name a few times during the years, but the offer and the vibe stays the same. 

People in their 20s and 30s love to go here, especially during summer. 

You can even stumble upon a concert on the outside part of it, where they install a little stage for the performer.

Hvar or Split nightlife?

We would say that Split has a better nightlife than Hvar if you want more variety in price range and locations. Hvar is a bit more exclusive. The prices are very high and there is a nightlife only during summer.

Split has an active nightlife scene throughout the entire year and you can find a place for every taste there is.  

Split or Dubrovnik for nightlife?

Again, we would say that Split has a better nightlife than Dubrovnik for the same reasons as it has in comparison to Hvar. Also, locals in Split are very chill and love to have fun, dance and meet new people.

It is not to say that you will have a bad time in Dubrovnik, not at all. It is just that there is more variety and a lot of places to go to all year round.

Where should I stay in Croatia for partying?

If you really want to experience a party life all day all night long, you should consider the island of Pag, the town is called Novalja and the "it" place is called Zrće. It is a long beach where all you can do is party. There is nothing else to do.

If you want to have a good time in the after-hours, but also have an amazing summer vacation with a lot of activities, then stay in Split.

For staying in Split, we would recommend Royal suites or Royal suites Sky - both are located on the ideal part of the city center, where old town is close, but Bačvice beach is also close. All areas are reachable by foot!