Split is a unique city in Croatia that has a lot of beaches and it is basically surrounded by sea, so you can go swimming almost anywhere. That is why we have created a list of best beaches in Split - just to make it a bit easier for you to find the right beach for you.

Are there sandy beaches in Split, Croatia?

One of the main questions people ask is: does Split have a sandy beach? And the answer is: Yes, it does! It is called Bačvice beach and you can read more about it below.

The entire Croatian coast is blessed with a combination of sandy beaches, pebbles and rocky ones. There is a type of beach for everyone. Split and its surrounding area has very similar types of beaches, so you can't go wrong.

Is Split good for beaches?

This is another questions we get: are there good beaches in Split? Since Split is a city, people often wonder if there are any good beaches or if they have to go to smaller places or hop to an island to find a good beach.

Split is actually great for enjoying the beach life. Many years now the city is actively keeping the beaches clean and suitable for all types of visitors, including families with little children.

What are the beaches like in Split?

Wonder no more, belove is the list of the best beaches, some of them are sandy, some are of little pebbles and some of them are rocky and even concrete.

Some of the beaches in Split are nice for a quiet and chill time, other are fun for a lot of beach activities. Keep reading to see our list of best 7 beaches in Split.

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Best 7 beaches in Split

- Bačvice beach

    Bačvice beach is probably the most popular beach in Split. Its location is one of the reasons. You can just walk to it from the main promenade Riva and it should take you no more that 15 minutes.

    This is the best sandy beach in Split. It is very long and full of things to do besides swimming. There are restaurants and bars to eat or just places to hide from the sun and read a good book. The place for a good cup of coffee and some reading is Žbirac café. It is right there, at the beach.

    The usual activity at this beach is Picigin, a local sport invented here in Split. It is a sport that you play with a skinless tennis ball. A group of people gathers and throws the ball, making funny moves while trying for the ball not to drop in the sea. You can see a lot of people playing it until sunset.

    - Bene beach

      Bene is a very nice beach that you can visit if you enjoy relaxing in nature. This beach is located on the very end of the Marjan hill and it is kind of secluded. The beach itself is sandy with rocky parts on both sides of it.

      There is a lot of natural shade at this beach from all the forrest, so it is very relaxing. People with small children can also go here to hide their baby’s gentle skin from direct sun.

      There is also a place to eat, have a drink or buy some ice cream at the beach.

      You can reach Bene beach by a local bus or an electric tourist train. Local bus goes from the st. Francis church at Riva. For the tourist train, you can find the itinerary at the Tourist office (information center) located at Riva or Peristil. It is best to find the itinerary a bit earlier before you plan on going, since they change it each season.

      - Firule beach

        Firule beach is another sandy beach. It is located a bit further from Bačvice beach. You can continue walking by the sea and pass the little beach called Ovčice (with pebbles) and end up at Firule beach.

        This beach is quite nice for families with children since it’s very similar to Bačvice, but not so popular. Also, people that are staying in that area of the city are very close to this beach and it is just convenient to go there.

        - Kašjuni beach

          Kašjuni beach is probably the nicest beach on the Marjan hill. You can reach it by a local bus that goes from Riva promenade, next to st. Francis church, by a tourist electric train, by car if you’re renting or by a bicycle. It is a bit far to go there by foot - but feel free to do it if you are up for it!

          This is a classic pebbles beach and its beauty lies in its location. It is surrounded by mountains and trees and the feeling of swimming with that kind of view is just amazing. There is also a bar to have some drinks or ice cream.

          - Žnjan beach

            This large and very popular beach is a pebble beach. It is very popular for its huge parking lot, so a lot of families, groups of friends or just anybody can reach it.

            The water is very clear because of the location of the beach. It is located on the more open side of the city and the sea currents are more powerful here (but still minimal – so it’s easy to enjoy swimming here).

            - Ježinac and Kaštelet beach

              Another pebble beach with a bit of sandy parts is Ježinac. This beach is actually connected to Kaštelet beach (called Obojena by locals. There was a bar called Obojena svjetlost and that name stuck. It means "coloured lights" in Croatian).

              Some people even consider these beaches to be a one long beach, but they are kind of separated. They are both pebbles, very nice location under the Marjan hill and close to Meštrović gallery. Easily accessible by car, bicycle or the local bus number 12, just like the Kašjuni beach but closer to old town.

              - Uvala Zvončac (Jadran)

                This beach is possibly a hidden gem that locals enjoy the most. The reason for this is because this beach is actually very secluded and small, but very near the city center. You can reach it when you pass the Zvončac park.

                It is a concrete floor type of beach and you can only enter the sea by jumping in or going down a small iron ladder. Locals love it since there is a fun bar to have a drink and socialize with friends and just jump into the sea every now and then between chats and playing cards.

                So you get there by a car (you have to circle around the city and pass the tunnel) or just by a 15-minute walk from the Riva promenade, but in the opposite direction of Bačvice (you walk to the west coast of the city center).

                Alternatives to best beaches in Split, Croatia

                Omiš beach

                As its name suggests, the Omiš beach is located at Omiš. This city is located very close to Split, probably about a 40-minute drive by car or bus. A lot of people like to go here to enjoy a wide sandy beach surrounded by amazing mountains, but to get away from the big crowds such as those at Bačvice beach.

                Before Omiš, there is an entire sandy coast called Duće, that you can also visit. Anywhere you end up, you will enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, and some clear sea.

                At this beach you can find a bar to chill, something to eat, sun beds and parasols. The only trick is that the entrance to the beach is right from the road, so parking might be challenging. There are some that you can pay for a day, but you have to look around a bit.

                Slatine beach

                Slatine beach is located on the Čiovo island, the one that is connected with a bridge to Trogir. Trogir is a lovely little historical city that many people visit while staying in Split.

                The beach Slatine is easily accessed by car or by bus, but the best way to go there from Split is by a speed boat that you find in the old town, next to the Riva promenade.

                Timetables may change, so it is best to find one once you arrive to Split or at their website. The boat is called Bura Line. You buy the ticket only prior to departure, so be sure to get to the boat at least 20 minutes before.

                Primošten beach

                On the opposite direction from Omiš, up north, you will drive to Primošten. It is about an hour long drive. In our opinion, this little city has some of the most beautiful beaches and nature in Croatia.

                The water is exceptionally clean and there are tons of bars and restaurants that you can try. The city even has its own little old town to walk around. Some parts of it are hidden under a bunch of trees that you can seek to hide from the sun. This one you would visit as a day trip by bus or by a car if you have the opportunity to rent.

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