Split is located in Dalmatia, a part of Croatia with beautiful nature and rich history. Its location and great connection to a lot of places makes it a perfect place to stay in Croatia. We will tell you about the best day trips from Split that you can take, and we truly love those, as locals living in Split.

Why go on a day trip from Split?

The simplest answer is the fact that more and more people are staying in Split for more that just 2 or 3 days. Before, Split was a transit city and just a stop to get to an island. Now, Split has grown and people enjoy spending time in Split.

The reason for this is a lot of things to do in Split, but also amazing places nearby that you should visit to experience the beauty of Dalmatian region in full.

Split to Omiš day trip

There are some popular day trips from Split, such as Brač or Trogir. A day trip to Omiš is usually the one that a local would recommend. The reason for this is that the nature surrounding Omiš is truly breathtaking.

If you want to relax and enjoy the nature, the beach or just drinking some coffee or a cocktail in a bar with a good book in your lap, Omiš is the right place for you.

It is very close to Split, just a 40-minute drive by car or by bus. You can easily access it by a bus from the main bus station in Split, or just catch a local bus number 60 that goes every 30 minutes from Pazar (bus station in the city center). You can always check the timetables while in Split.

Now, there are a few options for you here. You can go to Omiš and walk through this little town and later on decide if you would like to climb up to the fortress called Fortica. You will have an amazing view from there and you can eat some delicious food in a nearby restaurant.

Another option is to get a bit adventurous and go rafting the Cetina river or even kayaking. These types of activities are organized with a guide and there are paths for complete beginners or advanced participants.

In case you are not interested in any of those, feel free to just go down to the endless sand beach and just enjoy your day. Bring sunscreen and just relax. Once you enter the sea, look back at the coast and see for yourself how the mountains are surrounding the Omiš beach.

It is a beautiful sight. There is a nice beach bar where you can even order something to eat. The bar has a part where tables are in the pool, a very shallow pool, but a nice refreshment. Your legs are soaking in the pool and you are just there, chilling. Isn’t that just nice?

Split to Brač day trip

The nearest island to Split is called Brač, and it is one of the most popular islands in Croatia in general. The best way to reach it is to go to the city center and walk to the harbor. There you can buy a ticket for a ferry or for a speed boat (catamaran).

It all depends on what you wish to see at Brač and how much time you have. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to enjoy amazing clear sea at any beach on this island.

- Take a ferry to Supetar

    The ferries to Supetar go pretty frequently all day, since it's just a 45-minute drive and a lot of locals also use this route. This would even be considered as a very cheap way to visit Brač. 

    We say this because it would be enough for you to just go to Supetar and enjoy crystal clear sea at any beach under the pine trees. You can explore little Supetar and have something to eat there and just relax.

    If you want to go to Bol as well, it takes about 45 minutes by bus or by car. Make sure to read the timetables so you don’t stay trapped on the island ;)

    - Take a catamaran to Bol

      Most people do want to go to Bol, since there is the most famous beach called Golden horn (Croatian: Zlatni rat). Its shape very much resembles of a human tongue and its fine little sandy pebbles are ideal to walk barefoot on.

      People love to go to this beach and swim all day long and catch a vacation tan. Later on, visitors like to stay for an evening drinks at the nearest fun bar. 

      Split to Trogir day trip

      Another great option for a day trip is to go to Trogir. This little, but important town is actually very interesting and beautiful. You can reach it by car or by bus in about 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

      You can take a bus from the main bus station in the city center or even take a local bus number 37 (the last stop is Trogir, but it stops on every stop for locals. This option is good to know in case you miss your regular bus to Split, since these buses go every 20 minutes).

      You can also go to Trogir by a boat that goes every day during season. You buy the ticket at the boat, so we always advise that you arrive about 20 minutes before. The timetable may change, so the best thing to do is to check the current timetable once the season starts.

      This boat is interesting because its 1st stop is Trogir, but it also stops at Slatine beach, located on the peninsula of Čiovo, 15 minutes by car from Trogir. You can go and explore both of these places and have an amazing day trip.

      If you want, you can only go to Trogir and walk around, eat some nice local Dalmatian food in the little stone streets and pay for a walking tour. If you are into history or just great stories in general, do buy a tour, since Trogir has such rich and amazing history, full of exciting stories!

      Can you do a day trip to Hvar from Split?

      Yes, you can go on a day trip to Hvar, of course! The reason we haven't suggested it here is the fact that we would rather that you spend a night at Hvar, since it has its own feel vibe.

      The other reason is the fact that it would be best that you take a popular tour from Split, usually called 5-6 islands tour, that covers a trip to Blue cave, Stiniva beach at Vis, some other little islands and a 2 hours free time at Hvar town, on Hvar island.

      Other option is for you to only go to Hvar by yourself, but keep in mind the speed boat (catamaran) only goes a couple of times a day in both directions.

      You would want to get to Hvar old town, even though there are some amazing historic places such as Starigrad (you can get here with a ferry).

      Is a day trip to Hvar worth it?

      Yes, a day trip to Hvar is definitely worth it. As we have answered in the previous question, Hvar is beautiful and we wish for everyone to visit it, but there are better ways and not so great ways to do so.

      Of course, if you would like to visit it no matter what and you are time limited, so what? Go and visit it. It is better to go for a couple of hours than not to go at all, if you really really really want to go :)

      Another good point is that you can go on a day trip to Hvar to avoid spending the night there, because it is very expensive in comparison to other places in Croatia.

      What is the most beautiful island in Croatia?

      It is a very hard question to answer. There is no island in Croatia that is the most beautiful.

      Some would argue that there are top 5 most beautiful islands, such as Hvar, Korčula, Vis, Brač or Pag.

      However, there is plenty of beautiful islands in Croatia such as Ugljan or Pašman, Dugi otok is amazing (popular for its Saharun beach), Murter, Krk.. Little islands near Dubrovnik are also beautiful. 

      It is actually up to you and your preference. If you want, you can plan your trip around an island and its surroundings. Another option is to plan your trip in a specific city and then visit some islands near by it.

      Can you do a day trip from Split to Dubrovnik?

      You can do a day trip from Split to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is amazing on its own and a lot of people decide to visit Dubrovnik or Split while travelling through Croatia.

      Some people have the opportunity to visit both. The best way to do so is to go with a car rental. This way you can plan your time as best as possible.

      How to get from Split to Dubrovnik?

      It takes about 4 hours to get to Dubrovnik from Split (depending on the traffic, the season or waiting time at the Neum border). If you go very early, let's say at 6 AM, you are there around 11 AM. There is plenty of time to explore Dubrovnik, climb the walls and have a meal there. 

      You can then go back on the road to Split at 6 PM and you are home by 11 PM. It is a full day of activities, but it is doable.

      Another option is to go by a bus. The road it takes is the same, buses are air conditioned and go pretty frequently. 

      Which is better Dubrovnik or Split?

      It is very difficult to say which is better, Dubrovnik or Split. We would argue that Split is better of course, since we are living here from the day we were born. We understand the nature of things, how people live, their mentality and much more.

      Dubrovnik is amazing, its rich history and architecture is mesmerizing and the entire experience of the city is unique.

      However, Split offers all of that and more. Split is very similar, it has an old town and stone houses with red roofs, beautiful nature, Marjan hill and al lot of beaches. The history is similar due to a lot of emperors that wanted to own the entire Croatian coast for centuries.

      The difference is the fact that Split is better for a lot of activities besides sightseeing, it is very well connected to other places, such as Krka waterfalls, Trogir and Šibenik, but also very close to Hvar, Brač and other nearby islands.