There is an entire ritual for locals to best enjoy days in Split, especially when the working week is over and the weekend begins. Some would say that you can follow an itinerary that locals worship, while living in Split.

Drinking coffee, or should we say “drinking coffee” is one of those rituals never to be missed. Almost everybody that goes out to get a cup of coffee with friends or family does actually order coffee.

Locals often hang out in a cafe bar to chat about what is happening, what is hot at the moment. The coffee is usually a plain espresso or a large espresso with cold milk, called “kava s ladnim”.

Typical meals for locals that are not so typical

People in Split are very much keen on eating "on foot", meaning they will grab a bite and continue with their next activity. It is not unusual to sit in a cafe bar and eat your snack - the waiter will not be mad at you. 

Here are the usual meals people would eat:

Topli sendvič - a pressed bun in a sandwich grill presser, usually with ham and cheese, mayo, eggs and sour pickles. You can have any filling you want, but this combo is the go-to one in Split.

Pizzeta - as the name suggests, just a slice of pizza.

Burek - a triangle shaped pie with soft cheese

Čevapi - minced meat in a special bun called lepinja, usually with ajvar and chopped onions. Ajvar is a special spread made out of paprika.

Krafne u Mate - doughnuts filled with chocolate or marmalade at Mate's bakery is a dream. They are famous for burek as well!

    Typical Saturday for a Local in Split, Croatia

    Here you can read about some activities that locals do on a typical summer day, usually on weekends. It's all about the direction you are heading to, but always make sure to bring a bathing suit with you.

    1. In the morning, go out for a cup of coffee. You can go alone or in a group, to chat and enjoy the atmosphere of old houses in the old town. Since, you'll go for a coffee to old town, of course. On your way buy a snack in the nearest bakery.
    2. Once you're done with coffee, go to Peristil and walk around the Diocletian's palace. By walking through the palace, especially if you pass the Golden Gate, you will end up at Riva - the promenade. 
    3. If you have time, continue walking through the west coast. You will end up at a lovely park called Zvončac. From there,  go to Sustipan. Sustipan is filled with pine trees, lovely greenery on a cliff ideal for a picnic. It has a little gazebo in the middle and people love to walk around and enjoy the view. You can also practice rock climbing (deep-water soloing) from there. 
    4. Next you will continue to the nearest beach called Jadran. This beach is popular because it's a place to be sociable. People love to enjoy loud music here and drink a cocktail by the sea. This is a typical activity for a local in Split, especially during summer. A lot of people also like to just sit around and have a drink and go swimming just to freshen up a bit, but the main thing is hanging out. In the morning at Jadran beach, you can enjoy a bit more of a calming atmosphere. It gets louder by the end of the day.
    5. If Jadran beach is not attractive to you, continue walking and find the next beach called Ježinac. Feel free to read all about the best beaches in Split, Croatia and pick your favourite.
    6. Enjoy your day at the beach, go back home to eat a nice meal and rest. Later in the day, go out with friends for an evening drink and more hanging out.

    Alternative things to do in Split, Croatia as a Local

    Here is a list of activities you can do as a local if you want to do something else besides always ending up at the beach. People from Split love this route as well and they often times bring their dogs along.

    1. Visit Split's old neighbourhood Veli Varoš - walk through this area of the city, located just next to the old town. There are a lot of typical little stone houses here and the narrow streets give the best atmosphere of how people used to live here and how they still do.
    2. Go to Marjan hill - Veli Varoš is located just under the Marjan hill so it would be on your way to it if you decide to explore the streets of Varoš. Marjan hill is quite big and nice to walk around. It has clear paths, a lot of stone stairs and a cafe bar to relax.
    3. Vidilica - this is a viewpoint at Marjan hill where you can relax at a cafe bar also called Vidilica and enjoy the postcard view of the city. It is the First Vidilica. Vidilica actually means "viewpoint" in English. If you continue exploring Marjan hill all the way up, you will end up at another Vidilica. This would be the Second Vidilica. From here, the view is also spectacular!

    What is the best part of Split to stay in?

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